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5 Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

Healthy ways to gain weight

Being lean is what we all dream of. But not being underweight. People may tease you by calling you a ‘stick’. Now no more. Let’s take a look at healthy ways to gain weight.

Obesity or being overweight is a common problem. However, these days weight gain can be just as hard as losing weight. Try these Healthy ways to gain weight. We also recommend you to take certain food items to build up your muscles.

Healthy ways to gain weight

1. Choose healthy calories

The sure-shot formula for gaining weight is consistently having calories from food. But for some, it can mean eating lots and lots of candies, chocolates, processed, and junk foods. They are devoid of nutritional values and thus, will not do any good to your body. Empty calories with added preservatives or sugar can impact your body considerably.

Instead, choose foods that have high healthy fat and carb content. Our body requires fats and carbs to fuel the energy. Focus on good fats like avocado, cheese, etc.

2. Eat small & frequent meals throughout the day

People usually focus on calorie-dense diets. They want to gulp everything in order to gain weight. But you don’t need to pressure your stomach by eating large portions. You can eat small meals and snacks frequently and throughout the day.

3. Drink a lot of fluids

One of the healthy ways to gain weight is to drink a lot of juices and smoothies. They are not only rich in vitamins and minerals but provide healthy calories too. Plus they are super tasty!

You can experiment a lot when it comes to smoothies. Mix anything you feel like- yogurt, peanut butter, protein powder, and more. For protein powders, do check their ingredients. Go for only natural ones.

4. Track down your calorie intake

You should be aware of what you eat each day. This can help you to identify your eating patterns and set realistic goals. Those who need to put up weight often don’t notice how many calories they are having. Thus, logging your food intake becomes one of the healthy ways to gain weight.

5. Build up your muscles

Muscle building and strength training can support your gaining goals. Regular exercising is one of the essential steps to bulk up your mass. Exercise encourages your appetite.

Make sure you are not involved in cardio and aerobic exercises. They will burn a lot more calories and do the opposite. They are meant to burn excess fat and not to build muscles. Some strength building workouts you can try are squats, pushups, pull ups, etc.

Some healthy foods to gain weight:

1. Starchy food

Starchy food is an easy way to build on muscles and add in more calories. They also fuel up muscle glycogen levels in our bodies. Glycogen is an essential energy source needed for most activities and sports. Healthy starchy foods include potatoes, corn, buckwheat, quinoa, etc.

2. Cereal bars

Cereal bars can satiate small hunger pangs. Whether you want a midnight snack or want something to eat between workouts, try these bars. They often come along with protein sources. Try the whole grain bar devoid of any added sugar, oil, and preservatives. They will fail the purpose.

3. Cheese

Cheese is not bad. Consuming it regularly can help a person gain weight safely. It is rich in fats, sodium, calcium, and calories. Some cheeses are healthier than others. Some have high unsaturated fat and cholesterol content. Go for healthy options like mozzarella, cottage cheese, ricotta, cheddar, etc.

4. Whole Eggs

Eggs can be an excellent source of proteins, fats, and other nutrients. They can be one of the healthy ways to gain weight. They are an all-round and versatile meal option. Eat it boiled, fried, baked or as an omelette. Do not forget it’s yolk. All the fats are hidden there.

5. Fish

Fish, red meat, and salmon are some best natural sources for building muscles. They all are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. You can prepare them in a lot of delicious ways- smoked, grilled, baked or sautéed. These food top the list of healthy ways to gain weight.

Final words

Only a holistic approach will help to achieve results. Going too fast and putting so much pressure on yourself will do more harm than good. Set some reasonable and realistic goals. Start slowly and then increase the pace step by step. Don’t forget to track down your progress. 

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