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4 Korean Anti Aging Secrets Everyone Should Know

Korean anti aging secrets

Korean beauty and their dewy and glassy skin. Envy that? Well, you need to know these Korean anti-aging secrets. Stay tuned!

Korean skincare is every woman’s wish. The general idea is that once you reach a certain age limit, you have to switch common products to special anti-aging ones. However, Korean skincare does not focus on it. They just suggest you support your overall skin health from an early age.

This article will talk about Korean anti-aging secrets and will conclude with a transformative supplement to pump up younger skin.

Korean Anti Aging Secrets

1. Start your skincare with cleansing

The first and foremost step in any skincare is to thoroughly clean your face. Even in a Korean skincare routine, this practice is highly regarded. There is a misconception that Korean beauty stresses much on the products.

However, it is not true. Use any cleansing foam or a face wash in the morning and to remove makeup and other impurities.

Regular cleansing is essential for so many reasons.

1. Firstly, our skin produces oil naturally and it is called sebum. Sebum has certain benefits but if it remains on the skin for too long, it can clog pores. The reason is that sebum gets trapped with dirt and other impurities on the skin. It can penetrate deep into it and cause acne.

2. Pollution makes our skin look dehydrated, rough, and wrinkled. Cleaning your face twice a day facilitates water retention and restores skin hydration.

3. Lastly, your skin is aging regularly. And certain external factors can speed up this process even faster. Cleansing is a great way to fight aging, acne, uneven tone, and dullness. It is one of the vital Korean anti-aging secrets. 

2. Try antioxidative Barley tea

Do you know that barley tea is served to babies from birth? Well, this nutty and aromatic barley tea is a popular beverage in Korea and Japan where it is called Mugicha or Boricha. People consume this tea both hot and cold. Barley tea is an incredible anti aging agent.

Drinking barley tea can actually slow down premature aging and age spots, as per the studies. It contains a number of antioxidants that are beneficial for the skin.

Other benefits that barley tea offers are

1. The tea serves different purposes. And one of them is weight management. It is low in calories and a flavourful option for those who wanna lose weight.

2. Barley tea also aids excellent sleep. If you are struggling with insomnia or daily interrupted sleep, then the tryptophan and melatonin present in the tea make you feel relaxed.

3. Steam shower to get younger-looking skin

A steam shower is the bumper for good skin health. Watch any K-drama and you will be amazed to see the characters using it. The skincare industry might be in a rush but this practice is more relaxed and effective.

Steam showers open pores and go deep into the skin. It improves collagen rebuilding and elastin in the skin. Collagen is a naturally found protein that firms the skin. Steam boosts blood circulation which in turn helps in collagen production.

Other benefits of a steam shower include

1. Steam showers relax the skin and give it enough time to heal from external damage. It also allows the skin to flush out dirt and other impurities.

2. Another advantage of using a steam shower is that it hydrates the skin well and restores the lost moisture.

4. Collagen powder for anti aging

It may not be another Korean anti-aging secret. But it is a remedy that is adopted worldwide. Collagen Powder- the secret weapon to aging problems. Collagen, as aforementioned, makes up one-third of our skin.

That is a lot. While age, diet, and environmental factors lower the levels in our body. It becomes essential to consume it from external sources.

Collagen powder reverses the signs of aging- wrinkles, age spots, and more. And improves hydration and firmness of the skin. Drinking collagen daily can work wonders for your skin.

Other benefits of drinking collagen are

1. Collagen is present in connective tissues, bones, and joints. So it treats joint pains and improves bone density.

2. Other advantages are linked to hair as collagen helps in building up keratin- hair growth protein. It repairs damaged locks and promotes healthy hair growth.

These are a few Korean anti-aging secrets. However, your approach should be holistic. Being the largest part of your body, your skin needs an integrated treatment. While focusing on applying the products topically, do consider a balanced diet and lifestyle. Lastly, minimalize your routine, take a deep breath, and eat right.

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