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Can Magnesium Cure Fibromyalgia? The Final Word!

Can magnesium cure fibromyalgia

Can magnesium cure fibromyalgia is the question, even after the emergence of all sorts of treatments, and the new technology, you can still see a lot of diseases which are affecting the lives of the people and making them miserable day by day. Out of which, one such disease is Fibromyalgia. It is evaluated that Fibromyalgia influence an average of 0.5% to 2% of the Indians. Let me throw some light over Fibromyalgia and the role of magnesium in alleviating effects of Fibromyalgia.

It’s a chronic disease with vague indications due to which no fruitful treatment can be achieved. Living with Fibromyalgia can result in a combination of few or more indications mentioned below:

• Widespread severe pain,
• Trouble focusing,
• Dry eyes,
• Anxiety,
• Headaches,
• Feeling restless in spite of, sleeping for too long
• Pain in the lower belly,
• Bladder problems, etc.

People with this ailment have severe pain in ligaments, muscles, and joints. This suffering comes and goes over time. Its cause is not known. It may be associated with the way the brain processes pain signals. Till today, no complete cure is there.

Identifiable Trigger points?

In the past, people with Fibromyalgia disease were treated if they have at least 11 out of 18 particular trigger points encompassing their body. Health professionals would check to see how many of these points were painful by pressing on the points whether they were painful or not?

In 2016, revised diagnostic criteria stated that if you have an ache in 4 out of the 5 areas of pain and you have no medical condition that could explain the ache, health professionals may treat Fibromyalgia.

In the Journal of Korean Medical Science Trusted Source, it was declared that women fighting Fibromyalgia have lower levels of magnesium and other minerals in their bodies.

Within the Journal of Integrative Medicine, one more study was produced. Taking into account the above findings, it sought to settle the impact of magnesium, applied topically, to those with Fibromyalgia. Participants of the study received a sprayed-on solution of 400 mg of magnesium to their arms as well as legs, twice a day, for a month. Positive results were found.

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Magnesium and its effects?

Are you taking a sufficient amount of vital mineral, magnesium in your body? It is indispensable for muscles and bones, and also for your nervous system, heart and brain. For the good functioning of hundreds of enzymes that rule and regulate the body, and for the production of antioxidants, magnesium plays a very crucial role.

Role of magnesium?

Magnesium is linked up with multiple significant roles. Some of them are listed as follows:

1. It regulates blood sugar and energy levels.
2. It is important for the heart’s health.
3. To amalgamate protein in your body.
4. Bones and teeth are also maintained by it.
5. It helps in maintaining the electrical charge in your cells.

Relaxation of the muscles?

Magnesium helps to relax the muscles and support the neurotransmitters in a patient’s brain that affect nerves, memory and mood. Due to the hyperactive situation, flare can occur anytime as a result, you can soak yourself in the water which contains soap loaded up with magnesium.

Soaking up in the Epsom salt bath induces sleep. Only 20% to 50% of magnesium is soaked up in your body so, it might be worth taking an additive as a preventive course of action.

Proper diet and abundant nutrients?

Intake of foods rich in magnesium like nuts, almond milk, fatty fish, banana, and many helps people in reducing the chances of getting Fibromyalgia. Sufficient magnesium is required to reduce muscle tension, spasms, restlessness, and twitches. To sum up, a healthy lifestyle is necessary.

Many treatable and non-treatable diseases such as Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Raynaud’s phenomenon that are caused due to the deficiency of magnesium can be treated with the intake of it or maybe its long-term effects can be decreased.

Magnesium Supplements?

They can be used as a lotion, gel or spray and you can massage it directly on painful parts; providing instant relief in most of the cases.

Immune system?

It helps in protection against sensitivities and allergens and boosts the immune system.
Deficiency of magnesium can harm your cells with age and can cause:

• Irregular heartbeat,
• Muscle weakness,
• High blood pressure,
• Fatigue,
• Muscle spasms, etc.

Although magnesium has good effects on the Fibromyalgia patients nonetheless, it was also found that influence was in considerable amount only; it cannot be considered as complete treatment. However, it is important to consult with your health professional before trying any herbal supplement for Fibromyalgia.

So, can Magnesium cure Fibromyalgia?

We need to understand that fibromyalgia has a lot of symptoms which have been noted above and research has shown that magnesium supplements have helped many patients to alleviate many such symptoms, more noticeably myofascial pain and general lack of energy. Taking magnesium has also shown marked improvement in sleep quality which is a major plus.

In conclusion, magnesium might not be able to “cure” fibromyalgia but can make a significant difference in the quality of life of a person. What’s more, this comes without any side effects.

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  1. Meenakshi says:

    I get a stomach ache after taking magnesium. Is it normal? My fibromyalgia and hypothyroid have left me 80%brain fogged. 🙁

    1. Some people do experience stomach ache, can you let us know how many MG of Magnesium are you consuming and in what form, e.g Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Glycinate or some other form.

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