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5 Reasons Why This Is The Best Collagen For Older Women 


Skincare and Supplements. These are markets saturated with products for women, each marketed as the best collagen for older women.

And the obsession with preserving youth and age-reversing beauty, only adds to this noise. 

But are all skincare and supplements a sham? 

Absolutely not. Cynicism like that won’t help us get a quality product. 

So here’s what today’s article is about—collagen supplements for older women and why they need them, apart from just cosmetic reasons. 

Here, is Radhika Puri. A full time mom and an Actress. You can expect how tightly packed her days must be. Here is how she battles the war of ageing.

This does not mean, men do not need collagen. Read on why collagen must be taken in by men as well.

Collagen is a beauty supplement BECAUSE it’s helping your body from within. One is not possible without the other. The following reasons will show you why Gradeone’s Hydrolyzed Marine collagen is the best collagen for older women.

Reasons why Grade One’s is the Best Collagen for Older Women.

Decreased Metabolism

When you reach a certain age, the body’s cells begin to shrink which could enable the ‘fast’ metabolism process you were so grateful for in your early twenties. 

This process also increases the amount of fat mass in the body, while lowering the muscle mass in the body.

Collagen Synthesis is essential at this point so that you can strengthen the muscle mass in the body. Collagen is the fibrous network of cells that cushions and sustains the elasticity of the muscles. 

Older women need hydrolyzed marine collagen
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These muscles need to be stimulated with exercise, a protein-rich diet, and essential amino acids that you can derive from your collagen supplement. 

Increased Risk of Osteoporosis

Women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. 

Osteoporosis is the condition where a person’s bones become more porous and permeable, making them more prone to fracture. 

Prevent Osteoporosis with best collagen for older women
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Bone density peaks at the ages 25-30, and after that menopause add to this problem. 

The reduction in estrogen during menopause can cause a rise in bone loss.

Type 1 Collagen is necessary for the synthesis and preservation of bone density, especially for women after the age of 30. Hydrolyzed Marine collagen helps with bone strength by rapid absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. 

This collagen, being the most bioavailable form of collagen, allows for the fastest absorption, synthesis and retention of bone density in ageing bones.

This is why hydrolyzed collagen is one of the best collagen for older women.

Weaker muscles

According to a 19-year-old study, Muscle mass decreases approximately 3–8% per decade after the age of 30.

Over that, muscle loss is common with age, and is categorized as muscle atrophy. This is why one must be vigilant about their weakening recovery time after every workout. 

Prevent muscle atrophy with best collagen for older women
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With collagen, not only could you take down your recovery time from workouts, injuries and wounds may not take as much time to heal and recover. 

Collagen supplements, along with a protein-rich diet and consistent workouts aid in the preservation of this collagen that guards your muscles.

Gut Health

The plethora of microorganisms inhabiting your small intestine, mouth, and various other locations of the gut, are necessary for your body’s immune and inflammatory function. 

The gut manages the synthesis of nutrients from the quality of food you intake. But due to certain foods and nutrient deficiencies, many develop a leaky gut that leads to a loss of essential nutrients even with a holistic diet. This is when it is time for the best collagen in older women.

Prevent Leaky gut with best collagen for older women
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The lining of the gut thus needs to be strong, fluid and habitable for the necessary gut microbiota.

Collagen supplements preserve this lining of the gut and strengthen it to maintain the gut microbiota.

Skin, Hair and Nails 

The one reason why collagen supplements sell out like hot potatoes is because of their cosmetic uses. You saw how collagen supplements are healing for the body internally.

And when it all starts to work, your skin hair and nails will automatically show results from the best collagen for older women.

The thick bed of collagen under the skin and hair allow a bouncy feel to the skin and the lustrous appearance of the skin. 

The cell-shedding process declines after a certain age. This causes newer skin to stop regenerating, and a wrinkled, dehydrated appearance to the skin. This aging process can be prolonged with the best collagen for older women.

Prevent Sagging skin with best collagen for older women
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Collagen supplements can enable collagen synthesis underneath the skin by supplying essential amino acids to the body, that are in their most bioavailable nature. This could strengthen the collagen bands underneath and prevent oxidative stress from ageing the skin as fast as it did before. 

Each year, the levels of collagen in our body decrease by 1.5 % each year. This gives you another reason to start investing in one of the best collagen for older women – to evade skin that heals slower from acne, sunburns, sun tans, lacerations, sun spots, hyperpigmentation and more.

These are shown as signs of ageing rather than being informed as signs of decreased collagen production.

Grade One collagen Supplement

This is why women in their 30s and later, would require collagen supplements in their 30s. 

Preventative care can begin from the age of 20, however, preservation after the 30s is essential, which is possible through the right diet, the right supplements, right routine and most importantly, the right attitude. 

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