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Why do we need collagen? 5 Reasons why men Should Start Collagen.

Why Do we need Collagen

Famous as an elixir and life-regenerating network of proteins, Collagen is taking shape as the front runner in revolutionising modern beauty ingredients. Never before had there been conversations about age reversal done as earnestly as today. Collagen intake is not just supposed to be a feminine exercise, it’s as beneficial to men as it is to women. Age is just as harsh on men, and yet they still ask “why do we need collagen ?”

Every day we see new research on why do we need collagen and, how missing the neck while applying sunscreen results in the face and neck revealing different ages. Rather than seeing these trends as age-phobic or an addition to the noise of ageism, we must begin to look at collagen and sunscreen and other age-reversal procedures and techniques, as a devotion to self-care, something that had never been prioritised before. 

Collagen supplements also get heat because people think that collagen is naturally abundant in our human bodies, so why do we need collagen supplements? Well, collagen production is based on your body’s regenerative quality, and unless you’re Logan from the x-men, you don’t really have the opportunity to be visibly ageless, for over 200 years. 

Collagen production takes a dip when you enter your 20s. Each year, the levels of collagen in our body decrease by 1.5 % each year. This results in skin that heals slower, from lacerations, sunburns, sun tans, sun spots, acne, hyperpigmentation and whatnot. And you’ll notice how these are popularized as signs of ageing rather than being informed as signs of decreased collagen production. This reasoning answers – why do we need collagen

Other than that, collagen, the type that is present in the tendons and ligaments is also necessary for joint and bone health, gut health, muscle health, and nail and hair health. This underlying connective tissue makes up 30% of our body mass so it must be quite big a deal to have it regenerated, not only because of our internal renewal cycle but also because of external supplement support. 

So you see why do we need collagen as an external intake, even when our body produces it naturally? 

Here are some restorative benefits of collagen supplements, that we hope, bring you to the other side. 

So why do we need collagen?

Collagen Supplements provide collagen in hydrolyzed form. 

Research indicates that Hydrolyzed collagen acts in two different forms in the dermis. The free amino acids allow new building blocks for the formation of collagen, and it also stimulates the production of new elastin and hyaluronic acid, both moisture retention tools for the body. 

Research also says, Oral Hydrolyzed collagen supplement also reaches deeper into the skin and improves skin physiology. It also helps in increasing hydration, elasticity, firmness, wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation.

Supplements work for speedy injury recovery 

Marine hydrolyzed collagen when chemically prepared showed antibacterial activity, pro-cell proliferation, and wound healing efficiency. They provide a regenerative quality in the tendons and ligaments at joints. 

Hydrolyzed collagen promotes collagen synthesis in the bone and joint area, which enables easier recovery after workouts, challenging physical activity and injuries and lacerations. 

Increases muscle mass 

In a controlled study, when a regular workout routine was carried through by 30 men along with oral collagen supplements, those men saw a significant increase in their muscle mass as compared to other men, who were given a placebo. 

Weight training along with collagen supplements also allows men to lose weight in the process. Not the scary kind, but the extra wobbly fat that accumulates as a vestigial waste in the body. Here is a light reading on healthy ways to gain weight.

Toughens the gut lining

As compared to native collagen, hydrolyzed collagen possesses several advantages. Over its cost-effectiveness, it is also easily digestible, and high in assimilation. Hydrolyzed collagen supplements, when taken orally do not irritate the gut, but rather work to toughen and strengthen that lining. 

Hydrolyzed collagen supplements are water soluble and release amino acids that are building blocks for the gut lining. This prevents a leaky gut and prohibits the good bacteria and enzymes from leaking away. 

Helps in male pattern hair loss 

Keratin, which is necessary to build hair, can be formed with the help of amino acids present in collagen. Ingesting collagen supplements can allow these amino acids to get to work and build keratin for better and thicker hair. 

Androgenetic Alopecia, or male-pattern hair loss, is common among men over the age of 30. Collagen production slows down and naturally, the first sign of alert should be a receding hairline. 

Hydrolyzed collagen’s antioxidant action fights the free radicals damaging your hair follicles. The body’s antioxidant activity also decreases with age, which is why it is necessary to obtain it from supplementary sources to protect hair, nail and skin. 

Key Takeaway.

Collagen loss occurs due to age, smoking, alcohol intake, the sun and lack of preventative care. Today, we have the technology to harvest deep-sea marine collagen which is a cornucopia of rich amino acids necessary for building collagen in our bodies. We hope we answered your queries on why do we need collagen. Try GradeOne’s Collagen Powder today, to see better hair, nail and skin.

Grade One Nutrition Collagen Powder

Oral Collagen supplements do what easily available sources like meat, nuts, tomatoes and berries can’t do. They penetrate deep into the tissue to supply necessary amino acids for collagen formation underneath the skin, near the joints and at the hair follicle. This bioavailable nature of hydrolyzed collagen supplements is what makes them so attractive and effective for male and female health. 

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