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How to Choose The Right Collagen Supplement

How to choose the right collagen supplement

Whenever we hear of a natural supplement or a healthcare product that begins to trend, we instantly spiral down many unanswered questions like, is this going to work for me? Would this benefit me or cause more harm? And of course, the very obvious question, how to choose the right collagen supplement?

How do I know if I am getting the right dosage, form and purity of the prescribed natural supplement? Many a time, manufacturers surreptitiously allow you to believe that what in fact they profess, is the entire and complete truth.

But, in reality, how many of them are actually right? The hype behind the fad of collagen supplements is not only very justified but in ways has also given rise to many other forms of the same supplement, that would have brought you that moment of indecision when deciding on which type would actually work best?

Collagen is well known to help to prevent bones loss, promoting brain health, reduces ageing, assist with weight loss, benefits nails and hair and of course, boosts muscle function.

It is considered an essential commodity in your medicine cabinet as you get older. When we soon start to notice signs of joint pain, dry skin, weak muscles and stiffness in ligaments, we don’t realise that these are the first warning signs your body indicates when it needs collagen to help balance out these very naturally occurring ailments, we all face sooner or later in our lives.

So, when you consult your doctor about the right aid you can give your body when it begins to feel imbalanced, they would always recommend you live healthy and get a balanced diet, but what if you can’t due to many reasons that are making it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Naturally, you would turn to supplements as we all end up doing. This practice is never frowned upon by our more learned medical advisors, however, it is our duty to educate ourselves properly before falling prey to the many gimmicks that are out there. Here’s all you need to know in choosing the right form and consuming the appropriate dosage of Collagen, that will work wonders for you!

What are the types of Collagen available in the market today?

Collagen is made up of proteins that are largely found in your bones, skin and cartilage. Collagen is primarily obtained from the hides and connectives tissues of animals like chicken also and cows, which is called Bovine Collagen. There is also a popular source that is widely used that comes from fish, called Marine Collagen.

Although many supplement manufacturers are now claiming that they have a source of “Vegan Collagen”, this is entirely false advertising. The fact remains is that these so-called “Vegan” Collagens are sourced from soy products, beans and other legumes and also by using genetically modified yeast and bacteria.

There is no definite and sure source of obtaining Vegan collagen, these forms would only assist in building the natural Collagen levels in your body in a slow period of time.

The most marketable and effective form of Collagen that proves to work, is Hydrolysed Collagen. Bovine or Marine based collagen goes through a process called Hydrolysation, which basically means that it is broken down into tiny and easy-to-consume powder form, which is then further processed (by either adding vitamins or flavouring) and turned into powder supplement or capsules.

So, as compared to capsules and powder form, which is the right option and why?

Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder


Powder Collagen or Capsule? What is best for me?

This might seem to be a very easy option for you to decide, as capsules are easy to take and is hassle-free than a powder form. But in reality, are you getting the best out of your brand and form? One of the most popular brands of Collagen capsules, claim their tablet has just the right amount of collagen needed per day, which in reality breaks down to be, 6 grams of Collagen mixed with 60mcg of vitamin C, and here is the punchline, you need to take a minimum of 6 capsules per day to get your recommended allocated dose.

Now, that doesn’t seem too easy now does it? Truly hassle-free? I think not! The standard dose needed of Collagen for your body is a minimum of 3-15 grams per day. Now, the more progressive manufacturers of collagen supplements have tackled this dilemma by opting to promote powdered marine-based collagen, as it is not only widely accepted due to cultural reasons but it also has a various fun way to incorporate this into your daily diet.

Although Marine based Collagen does have a distinctive fragrance to it that many might find dreadful, they now have flavoured the powder to make it more digestible and less aversive. The powder form is without a doubt extremely versatile since it easily dissolves in water and it can be added to any beverage of your choice, hot or cold.

And here’s where it gets rather innovative! You can use Collagen Powder as an essential ingredient while baking. Next time you bake yourself a batch of cookies, cake, or even energy bars, add scoopfuls of Collagen Powder, keeping in mind your dosage and the batter/dough ratio and you have rich and nutritious any time of the day snack sans the complication of swallowing pills 3 times a day.

This doesn’t only restrict you to baked items and beverages but you can also incorporate them into your soups, pasta sauces, curries and even breakfast cereals. With powdered collagen, you naturally begin to get your recommended does in the most agreeable way without all the fuss.

Popular brands may still stick by their guns and proclaim that the pill is the fastest and easiest way to go, but when you think about the routine of your supplementary regime, you soon realise that apart from your prescribed lifelong medications, if you are taking any or just gradually have started to fortify your body with essential supplements, you are in fact adding more pills to the already existing list, which for many becomes very difficult to follow and of course, swallow!

As always, the right course of action to take for any routine regiment you may choose to maintain a healthy body and mind, I would always advise you to detach yourself from the many worries and hurdles of life that disrupts your inner peace and causes your body to weaken.

Life will always give us our share of turmoil’s which we must all face, but it is up to us to choose to take control and let it not negatively affect us. I am reminded by a beautiful quote from French enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher Francoise-Marie Arouet, better known to us by his nom de plume, Voltaire.

“I have chosen to be happy because it’s good for my health” ~ Voltaire

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