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Best Collagen Powder in India 2021

Best Collagen Powder in India


Are you worried that your skin is hanging loosely and is not taut enough? Is the brittleness of your nails worrying you? Are you fretting about the quality or stunted growth of your hair?

No more worries, because the answer to all the above three and more, is just one.

Yes, you heard it right.

Collagen is the essential element that revitalises your skin, improves the physical condition and growth of your nails and hair, enhances your joint health, promotes liver, heart, and gut health.

So why wait? Bring home the best collagen powder in India and start reaping a multitude of benefits. We, at GradeOne Nutrition, are one of the best bets for obtaining the most superior quality of collagen in the Indian markets.

Yes, you can buy the choicest collagen powder endowed with superb flavour directly from our site or popular online marketplaces like Amazon.

Why Not Milk?

For years, people in India have relied on milk to obtain the standard nutritional elements and keep their Vitamin D3 and Calcium levels intact. However, it is a strange fact that nearly 33% of Indians are lactose intolerant, and hence, this option does not sit too well with most.

Apart from the above challenge, milk poses the following serious health issues as well.

● Acne
● Weight gain
● Diabetes
● Indigestion
● Heart problems
● Cancer, according to research conducted by PETA
● Does not prevent bone conditions like osteoporosis, as illustrated by Harvard Medical School in a research.

It all goes to show that drinking milk is not enough to furnish your body with the required nutrition, and even if it is, then that comes associated with several possible dysfunctionalities.

What is the Alternative?

If not milk, one can try to maintain the levels of Calcium and Vitamin D3 in their body by ingesting their supplements. The aim would be to strengthen the joints and bones. However, these supplements would not prove sufficient to replenish the nutritional deficiency in your body as it starts losing collagen naturally with increasing age.

The age-old myth that milk alone is enough to furnish the body with required nutrition is shattered. Nor do D3 supplements help you a lot when ingested alone. This toxic and stressful environment that we live in requires much more than these to properly nourish your body.

Hence, you need to seek out the best collagen powder in India as it would provide your body with the required support from within and outside. GradeOne Nutrition is your best choice in this regard. We manufacture the purest and the best-in-class collagen powder that replenishes your body and combats your nutritional deficiency.

Collagen – An Insight:

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Powder

Original price was: ₹1,495.Current price is: ₹1,345.

The word collagen has its roots in the Greek word ‘kola’ meaning glue, and that is highly insightful in understanding how collagen functions. Collagen is the constituent tissue in your skin, nails, hair as well as the one that helps support your visceral organs like bones, joints, heart, liver, stomach, etc.

This constituent naturally acts like a glue and connects into an integrated framework to amplify the vital, physical functions of the heart, skin, nails, hair, joints and other parts of the body.

However, with increasing age and fluctuating hormonal functions, the level of collagen in our body starts declining. Hence, you might find it difficult to contain your youth as wrinkles and blemishes start appearing in your skin, the nails start becoming brittle and you lose a lot of hair. You might also feel the joints and bones becoming weak.

With the best collagen supplements in India, you can regain the elixir of youth. Collagen will effectively retard the signs of aging. Collagen rejuvenates your skin, retains moisture, makes it taut by increasing elasticity while increasing the strength in your joints and bones and proliferating hair growth.

Collagen is an absolute miracle as it improves connective tissue growth and proliferation throughout your body.

However, it is impossible to derive collagen from plant-based sources. Therefore, you need to intake the Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides (type-1) that are derived from marine (fish) sources.

Let’s look at the range of benefits that this kind of collagen provides to your body and overall health.

Benefits of Ingesting Collagen:

Collagen is indeed the Elixir of Youth. Its range of benefits is almost unending.

● Enhancing Skin Beauty:

Beautiful and attractive skin requires a healthy foundation on the inside. Collagen peptides form the ideal supplements to reduce the skin from UV and free radical damage. By destroying the formation of free radicals, collagen slows down aging.

On the other hand, it also maintains optimal skin functions, increases skin elasticity or suppleness, retains moisture, and thereby reduces wrinkles, loose and dry skin. Consuming the best collagen powder for skin in India will enable you to flaunt a skin that deserves all the highlights and attention.

Hence, you should aim for the absolute best, that is manufactured by none other than GradeOne Nutrition. Click to buy.

● Improving Hair and Nail Health:

Collagen is responsible for improving the quality of your nails. It strengthens the nails and helps in hair growth. Therefore, your youthful countenance is preserved.

● Enhancing Connective Tissue Health:

Collagen is the quintessential element that boosts your connective tissue health. It preserves your cartilage condition, thereby preventing degenerative joint and bone disorders. Apart from these, the unique amino acid profile of collagen ensures multiple benefits related to muscles, sports recovery, and connective tissue support.

Collagen also helps in improving the health of ligaments, tendons and prevents arthritis, joint pain, and osteoporosis. Therefore, it is essential in improving mobility and aiding in an active lifestyle.

Since collagen builds, preserves, and replenishes lean muscle mass, it is an important constituent in sports recovery after exercise as well as weight management programs.

Indian athletes are naturally prone to seeking out the balanced protein blends of the best collagen brand in India to continue their sports and active nutrition and this is where GradeOne Nutrition has gained prominence.

● Gut Health and Weight Management:

Collagen has been touted as an essential component of weight loss/fitness programs. The reason being its ability to increase metabolism and aid remarkably in weight loss. It also treats your leaky gut syndrome and improves your overall health.

● Liver, Brain, and Heart Conditions:

Collagen is one of the most essential constituents that enhances your visceral health. By improving the High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL)/good cholesterol levels in your body, it reduces the risks of heart conditions. It also improves your liver functions.

Collagen also supports cognitive health by protecting your brain from amyloid-beta proteins that are the main triggers of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Closing Thoughts!

Collagen can be taken by the elderlies, patients suffering from bone, joint, and skin disorders, as well as those leading a highly active lifestyle like models, actors, sportsmen, etc.

However, if you too are bent on taking collagen to boost the vital functions of your body, it is ideal to go for the best collagen powder in India brought to you by GradeOne Nutrition.

With a plethora of benefits, these flavored collagen supplements are infused with Curcumin, Biotin, Vitamins E and C as well as 17 amino acids.

We maintain the highest quality standards while manufacturing our collagen powders. Being non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free, these are the healthiest options that you can get in the Indian online marketplaces, e-retail stores, and our own website. Click to buy.

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