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How Reliable are Collagen Supplements for Skin?

Collagen supplements

Collagen supplements, relatively unknown to many people, have drawn a good deal of attention.

They are often recommended for a strong build. But medical studies have now stated that collagen supplements are beneficial to your skin, and overall health. 

If you are considering trying them, read below to know how collagen supplements impact your skin. And why should you need them? 

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most richly found protein in the human body. It is located in the bones, tissues, muscles, and skin. 

This protein plays a paramount role in bone and joint health. It acts as a structural pillar in connective tissues, muscles, and skin that glues them together. Its fibrous quality  affects the skin’s elasticity and strength. 

What benefits does it provide to your skin?

  • Anti-Aging 

Environmental pollution, smoking, sun rays, lifestyle issues, etc. can contribute to premature aging of the skin, also called photoaging. Collagen slows down this process and aids in improving the outer appearance of the skin.

  • Clear Skin

Collagen is the building block for your body muscles. It influences your skin’s elasticity and imparts well-maintained and glowing skin. Medical researchers say that Collagen allows you to remain young and wrinkle-free. Also eliminates lines and scars. 

  • Hydration

The most common kind of collagen is hydrolyzed collagen which breaks the protein into smaller, relatively easier-to-absorb particles for our body. Our skin soaks them and in return, provides amazing water-retention capacity. It makes sure that your skin never loses its moisture. 

  • Wound Healing

Collagen supports skin health by faster wound healing. You may find it as an ingredient in many wound care products. It mends our damaged cells and tissues quickly as collagen stimulates new tissue growth. 

Other benefits: 

  • Joint Health

As we age, our joints begin to get weaker. The presence of collagen between the bones can boost joint health, fill up the gaps, and restore the cartilages connecting the joints. Research proved that those who took collagen every day for a year had a significant impact on their bone health. 

  • Stronger Hair & Nail 

One of the many benefits of Collagen is healthier hair and nails. It aids in building up protein that holds the hair and the scalp together, leading to stronger and thicker hair. The protein also improves nail growth and reduces breakage. 

  • Gut Health

Collagen supports healthy digestion. It strengthens the gut and repairs its lining which is called a “leaky gut”. This condition occurs when the lining of the intestine is damaged. Collagen works on your leaky gut and heals it.  

Why do you need Collagen at all? 

If the body makes up this protein naturally, why do we need to take it from external sources? The logic is simple. As we get older, the production of our collagen shrinks. Our body automatically begins to lose it. But there are also some outside factors such as lifestyle issues that can speed up the loss. 

As per a study published in 2012, we generate 1% less collagen each year after the age of 20. And finally, it declines terribly when we reach old age

In such a situation, our skin health falls dramatically which results in saggy and brittle skin with wrinkles and lines. Collagen depletion also leads to fragile nails, delicate bones, muscle aches, and inflexible joints. To save your body from such conditions, health experts suggest consuming collagen in external forms like powder or capsule. So that collagen supplements will make up for the loss of natural collagen from an early age. 

Do collagen supplements have any side effects?

It’s natural that every time you want to start a new routine or a product, you are intrigued about its side effects. Collagen supplements do not put your body at risk. 

Many people think that they can cause weight gain. But it’s quite the opposite. They can actually support the weight loss journey. According to a study, diets that are high in proteins (also collagen) raise satiety hormones and thus manage your hunger.

Moreover, what’s healthier than biotin? Collagen supplements are packed with essential nutrients like biotin, vitamin C, etc. They are unlikely to cause any adverse effects. 

Collagen supplements are safe for consumption. You can have them daily. However, a doctor or a dietician can suggest your intake.

Which form of collagen is the most effective?

Picking collagen supplements can be tricky. As they are derived from two sources- bovine and marine. Bovine Collagen comes primarily from the bones and cartilages of cows. Whereas marine collagen is obtained from the skin and other tissues of fishes. Bovine makes type 3 collagen while the latter makes type 1 and type 2 collagen. 

Type 1 is considered the strongest type. That’s why doctors recommend type 1 marine collagen. It supports healthy and strong hair, nails, and skin. Also heals your body effectively. 

Final words: Both types of collagen come with their benefits. But if you are looking for something to improve your skin and rebuild your muscles, then go for Type 1. 

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