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What is Better – Collagen or Collagen Builder?

Collagen or Collagen Builder

Collagen is the protein which is present in the highest amount in your body and its presence makes a huge difference in your facial appearance and muscle health as well. But as Collagen is sourced from animal protein, we are left in this dilemma whether collagen or Collagen Builder is better?

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a tissue which helps your body in muscle production and in curbing symptoms of Arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease too.
Collagen production in the body begins from a stage known as pro-collagen. The body produces pro-collagen by combining two amino acids glycine and proline. This production process uses Vitamin C.

Apart from the usage of Vitamin C, our body requires protein content in high amount which contains amino acids to kick start this production process. And such protein is found in dairy products such as milk and egg whites and also organ meat.

Being the most abundant and important protein in our body, Collagen production is a must and has been recently a very discussed topic in skincare. Collagen enhances skin elasticity and gives a younger-looking healthy skin.

Why the dilemma of Collagen or Collagen Builder?

Collagen production is a major issue for people who are vegetarians or vegans because they don’t consume rich sources of proteins in their diets as major proteins are not sourced from plants. Collagen is produced in our body but is boosted through amino acids and Vitamin C.

This constant confusion faced by vegetarians and vegans, whether Collagen Builder itself contains collagen or not is a major problem because if it does, it cannot be consumed by them anyway.

Why Collagen Builder?

Collagen builder supplement is the solution for this problem as they help in boosting Collagen production without the need of consuming non-veg or dairy products. There is no known source of plant-based collagen up till now, therefore a supplement like this can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans.

There’s a piece of good news for our vegan and vegetarian audience – Collagen Builder does not contain Collagen at all. What this plant-based Collagen supplement does is, boost Collagen production in the body by providing nutrients that are needed for collagen production. So, the fact that Collagen Builders have actual Collagen in them is a myth and one shouldn’t believe any such news.

Collagen is a connective tissue that is found in animals and its major sources are animal organs or bone broth which is found in boiled bones of animals. Gelatin is also a source of collagen but it is cooked collagen which includes high contents of amino acids.

All these products come from animals and the protein in them is broken down into amino acids to boost the collagen production of the body.

Vegan Collagen is made by using genetically modified yeast and bacteria which is sourced from the animals. It contains all the essential nutrients needed for collagen production in the body. It is evident that the inclusion of vegan collagen in your diet has potentially lower costs and somewhat has a lower risk of allergies.

Is Collagen really important?

The presence of Collagen in your body results in increased muscle mass which is helpful for gym-going people who look forward to a better-shaped body, High muscle mass is needed for shaping them well later.

And also its recently discovered importance in skincare which is about increasing skin elasticity and enhancing the facial glow has added another bonus point to the list of reasons why Collagen is an important protein which needs to be well-maintained in your body. It also helps in reducing a certain type of Arthritis’ pain.

Adding onto the list- Collagen type 6 helps in protecting the brain from developing beta-amyloid plague which causes Alzheimer’s disease. The body of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s has increased amount of type 6 Collagen which does not mean that Collagen intake can cause Alzheimer’s; it is just a defence mechanism of our body against the disease.

Collagen just adds a protective layer to neurons and no wonder why even vegans and vegetarians have started searching for diet-friendly sources of Collagen.

Coming to a lesser-known fact but collagen also is responsible for healthy hair as it the factor which holds the hair follicle and dermal layer together. With increasing age, collagen content in the body reduces, which leads to hair fall.

Another type of Collagen- Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen (Type 1 Collagen) is a very good source of collagen for these many reasons- Firstly, it leads to more wrinkle-free and youthful glowing skin as it has the same collagen, deficiency of which leads to saggy and pale skin. Secondly, it has a good reserve of antioxidants which saves skin from the free radicals that cause cell damage.

A study has shown that Marine Collagen provides your skin oxidative production which minimises the damage done from UV light present in the sun.

Lastly, the collagen synthesis through marine collagen supplements mineral into the bone matrix, resulting in bone growth, strengthening and healing.

It is a powdered supplement, intake of which is possible in any form- be it with drinks or in a paste form etc., the variety is endless.

Collagen is the holy grail of our bodies which one cannot just ignore and now we know why!

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