Hair Growth Supplements, The Truth!

hair growth supplements

The global haircare market is expected to reach USD105.3 Billion by 2024 as reported by Transparency Market research in the latest edition of Business world. The growing necessities for more hair growth supplements have increased remarkably in recent years, and although the hair transplant industry remains quite a popular option, however, the practicality of it suggests otherwise. Organic products with lesser side effects are what customers are seeking even though the results may vary in terms of recovery time as compared to products with chemicals.

The most affected age group are between the 20s and 30s and with the current mindset of opting for natural treatments and medications have paved out a new path that has brought many beloved herbs and ancient treatments back into the limelight.

The ‘Clickbait’ tactic, has been around for a while and thought it seems to capture a basic unassuming person mind that is browsing through the internet in hopes to find the perfect trend that might help them with either self-motivational tips, relationship advice or simply beauty hacks and treatments, they almost never work in reality.

So, what are these new trends that have us all excited and anxious to try out when it comes to a more natural approach and of course when we get impatient and opt for solutions regardless of the severity of these side effects? So, what are the topmost trending natural Supplements for hair growth?

As we all know that a blend of the perfect vitamins and natural herbs does prove extremely beneficial for our bodies, but do what know truly if these blends are not harming us over a period of time? We read the advertisement that gets us all excited, we only hear the major breakthrough it has achieved in its ability to cure whatever ailment we use it for, but do we really understand and know that somewhere lurking between these ingredients is a sinisterly silent substance that’s causing us more damage that help?

Here is a break down on the basics of all hair growing Supplements and the ingredients you should watch out for when contemplating trying out a new viral supplement trend.

The hullabaloo behind highly hyped celebrity-endorsed hair supplements

They are a plethora of choices available today when it comes to hair growth supplements, so how do you know which one is truly effective and why. Sadly, we live in a world today that instead of going down to the basics and understanding the crux of why a product actually would work and justify its positive effects, we rely upon ‘Hearsay’. Now that might be the best form of advertising but do we really educate ourselves on the facts behind them? And to elaborate on this a perfect example would be with the Kardashians.

The Kardashians known for their vast attempt to “break the internet” with their absurd and nonsensical stunts have dipped their feet into endorsing such a product that was proved very controversial.

SugarBear Hair Vitamins claimed to increase hair growth. However, according to (whose primary focus is to test trending products for potency, purity, bioavailability, consistency and harmful chemicals) state that the “SugarBear Hair vitamins are not likely to help you unless you have a vitamin deficiency and more importantly they don’t contain minerals such are Iron or Calcium ”. Which literally means they are much less expensive multivitamins that are available at your drugstore, that have the right blend of minerals and vitamins that can help you.

So, it simply means that the Kardashians were endorsing a B-grade multivitamin that actually fails even in that category which was overpriced for no apparent reason.

In the recent Harper’s Bazaar articles on the top 14 bests hair growth supplements, my research leads me to realise that thought all of them tended to differ slightly in their ingredients and ratio, most of them had the almost the same blend of vital vitamins and minerals. I am going to narrow it down to the basic to help you understand what are the imperative vitamins and minerals to look out for when you out hair supplement shopping.

Always be well versed on the basic vitamins and minerals your body needs to survive the harsh and stressful environment we inhabit. We have learned this since grade school, about the right foods to eat and the ones to avoid according to the famous Food Pyramid chart. Looking back at what we learnt as kids should truly have stayed with us through life, but somehow it doesn’t.

We in ways don’t supply enough good nutrition to our bodies for various reasons that are sometimes out of our control and then we all end up taking supplements and even endure our children through this routine while trying them to get their daily vitamins and minerals in some new innovate form that they would relish. But do you really know what exactly your body needs? And as adults we need a more practical dose multivitamin, do we know what is the best form to take?

So, what exactly is a Multivitamin, why do we need them? And more importantly, what are they actually supposed to contain?

According to the Codex Alimentarius collection, which is the internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines, and other recommendations relating to foods, food production, and food safety for the United Nations. A Multivitamin is a dietary supplement with vitamins, dietary minerals and nutritional elements which are available in forms of tablets, capsules, powder, pastilles and liquids.

As evidence claims that multivitamin doesn’t cure more serious ailments like cancer or heart diseases, but specific group of people that suffer from poor nutrition and those at a high risk of Macular Degeneration (which is a medical condition which may result in blurred or no vision in the centre of the visual field.)

Though there is no specific scientific standardization for a Multivitamins is ideally must contain a variety of essential daily vitamins and minerals sans hormones, herbs and drugs. The dosage is always below the upper intake level as determined by the food and drug administration of every specific country they are available it.

However, the new set of rules doesn’t imply that a Multivitamin can only contain Vitamins and Minerals. And here’s why!

The Codex Alimentarius fell into controversy when it was objected to its being a mandatory standardization for the safety of food including vitamins and minerals supplements. Though claimed that is was a voluntary reference and countries were not obligated to adopt it. In 1996 the German delegation proposed that no Herb, Vitamins or Mineral should be sold as preventive or for therapeutic reasons and supplements should be reclassified as drugs.

It was protested upon and halted its implementation and the new global safety guidelines state that people are encouraged to select multi-vitamins only in case of inability to attain a nutritional daily diet and till date, many countries promote dietary supplement are therapeutic medications, which lead to the development of introducing other vital herbs into the blend.

These are permissible under the new guidelines as long as the criteria are set of minimum to maximum dosage levels and safety and efficacy be maintained when determining ingredient sources. According to the National Institutes of Health MVM’s (Multivitamin/ Mineral supplements) are combination vitamins, minerals as well as Herbs.

Knowing the key ingredients, a manufacturer uses in their blend in essentially vital and doing your own background check to see the benefits of these herbs that are added would only be the smartest thing to do considering the fact that sensational gimmicks surround us and its easy to fall prey to their commitments.

Multivitamins and Hair growth supplements, What’s the deal?

What many of you might not have noticed that most of the supplements that are available at your drugstore are nothing but an average multivitamin disguised as a hair growth supplement. So, the natural question arises is that what is supposed to be in a Multivitamin and in a Hair Growth Supplement? Are you truly getting all that benefits you or is it the flamboyant propaganda that surrounds the supplement making you assume “Yup! That’s pretty much all I need!” Here is all you need to know!

Multivitamin: is classified when a minimum 16 essential vitamins and Minerals and at times additional amino acids and herb are combined into a single dose to help nourish mentioned people. The ingredients can vary from different manufacturers. The basic formula of any Multivitamin will contain vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, A, E, D2 (or D3), K, potassium, iodine, selenium, borate, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, beta carotene, and iron. Additional herbal supplements are also added to many blends.

Hair Growth Supplements: The additional ingredient that goes into a Hair growth supplements varies from brand to brand. As they all individually profess the benefits of one of a group of special key ingredient’s that work remarkably well in unisons with to other Vitamins and minerals. What you will mostly find in these Hair growth supplements apart from their basic Vitamins and Mineral allies are Biotin, wheat germ oil, blackcurrant seed oil, sunflower oil, Collagen, Brewer’s yeast, horsetail extract, Sal Palmetto and Nettle root.

Now here’s where it gets interesting! So, when we look purely at drugs and natural ingredients to deal with hair growth, the choices do remain controversial and speculative. The effects some drugs prove that they are quite effective in assisting in hair growth and as expected they lead to nasty side effects, although they may prove extremely effective, they are more natural ingredients that work brilliantly when combined with the right vitamins and minerals.

Here the breakdown of the very controversially debatable drug Finasteride and the pro and cons of its much more reliant counterparts Nettle Root and Saw Palmetto.

The Sinister lurking reality of Finasteride!

Finasteride popularly used to treat men with male pattern baldness the results show a 30% recovery from hair loss after a minimum use of six months which works only when taken. The way it works is, it reduces the scalp and serum DHT levels. And why is it critical that DHT levels should remain balanced?

DHT is a Sex Steroid which is produced in the gonads and is also an androgen (is a natural steroid hormone) that regulates the development and maintenance of male characteristics a such as a deeper voice, body hair and increased muscle mass and it plays a vital role in the development of the penis and the prostate gland. It’s also successfully used in hormone replacement therapy for transgender women as it has an Antiandrogenic effect.

The enzyme 5-alpha reductase helps in converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in men, on an average around 10% of testosterone is converted to DHT. So, the way Finasteride works is it reduces the scalp and Serum DHT levels and it can maintain or increase the amount of hair which is in the Anagen Phase by reversing the miniaturization of the hair follicle. Naturally is would prove effective but at a nasty price for men, who especially want to continue to stay men.

Side effects of Finasteride: Approved in 1997 for the use of hair loss the most reported and common side effect was related to sexual function. The FA id issues a warning in the use to 5a-reductase inhibitors as it increases the risk of prostate cancer and some men also develop gynecomastia (breast development and enlargement) and are at risk of male breast cancer.

The side effects of Male breast cancer include.

  • Breast lumps;
  • Breast pain or tenderness;
  • Nipple discharge; or
  • Any other breast changes.

Common side effects may include:

  • Loss of interest in sex;
  • Impotence;
  • Trouble having an orgasm; or
  • Abnormal ejaculation.

Basic signs of an allergic reaction include, hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of face, lips, tongue and throat.

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The miracle that is Saw Palmetto

Native to South America available plentiful in Florida, Georgia, Cuba and the Bahamas, this dwarf palm tree called Serenoa Repens grows in sandy soil and it names so due to is saw-like teeth on the stalks that attach the tree’s leave to the stem. The tree produces dark berries that contain a large seed. It is believed that’s for years the Native Americans used the Saw Palmetto fruit for its nutritional, sedative, aphrodisiac, diuretic and cough reducing properties. Saw Palmetto berries are usually eaten raw or dried and used to make tea however for an easier dose of Saw Palmetto the dried berries are available in tablet form.

The oil extracted from Saw Palmetto contain 70% to 90% fat when extracted well which is extremely rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants. The Palmetto oil mixed with a supporting oil or substance such as Aloe Vera or olive oil is proven beneficial when massaged into the scalp. The dried berries of the Saw palmetto are recommended to be brewed and drunk like tea since it’s not easily water-soluble and of the dried powdered berries are but several studies and trials have linked poor zinc status with low sperm quality.

For example, one study in the Netherlands found that subjects had a higher sperm count after zinc sulphate and folic acid supplementation. In another study, researchers concluded that poor zinc intake may be a risk factor for the low quality of sperm and male infertility.

Saw palmetto also blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT or dihydrotestosterone which is important as DHT is the primary androgen, or sex hormone, in both prostate enlargement and androgenic alopecia. Having the same effect as Finasteride. Both are believed to inhibit Type 2 5 alpha-reductase, an enzyme needed to convert testosterone to DHT. And like saw palmetto, finasteride is primarily used to treat prostate enlargement and hair loss. But though this seems extreme as adding 25 to 30 mg of Zinc while taking Saw Palmetto supplement helps tackle the issues of it lowering the testosterone level as Zinc is known to help raise levels of testosterone in men.

The side effects of Saw Palmetto: A few researches suggest that when takin saw palmetto with certain herbal combinations due tend to cause the following reactions.

  • Asthma
  • Chronic bronchitis.
  • Colds and coughs.
  • Increasing breast size.
  • Migraine headache.
  • Reducing bleeding after prostate surgery.
  • Sore throat.
  • Other conditions.

However, Saw palmetto is safe and is taken orally for up to three years without causing any major side effects, although some people have reported dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhoea and impotence. It is also advised that pregnant and lactating women avoid taking Saw Palmetto due to its Hormonal effects and can prove harmful during those phases

Stinging Nettle Root

Native to Europe, Asia, North Africa and western North America, has made its significant impact for thousands of years ago since ancient Egypt. Nettle infusion was used to treat arthritis and lumbago pains and more commonly even till now the act of Urtification, wherein on would lash themselves with nettle plant and let them be stung by the thorn laden leaves, It was known to treat chronic rheumatism, lethargy, coma, paralysis and even cholera. It is believed that Roman soldiers introduced nettle to the British Isles, whilst they practice the method of Urtification, to relieve themselves painful legs after long marches.

In 46-377 B.C, Greek physician Hippocrates created 61 remedies using the Nettle plant. The plethora od cures the Nettle possessed earned its way into the book De Simplicbus in second century A.D written by Greek physician Galen.

It is said that the uses varied from treating, dog bites, mouth sores, sinuses, excessive menstruation, swellings, gangrenous wound, asthma, pneumonia, spleen related illness and even used as a diuretic and laxatives.

Nettle roots anti-inflammatory properties assist in treating chronic hair loss, as studies show that chronic inflammation damages hair follicles. Nettle extract works wonders in reducing the levels of the NF-kB which is the main inflammatory agent as promotes healthy hair. Rich and vitamins and minerals it’s used to popularly to treat urinary tract and prostate problems. Research proves that Stinging Nettle works well in fighting BPH and it contains the inhibit enzyme 5-alpha, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the potent androgen hormone that’s associates with prostate enlargement, low testosterone levels and also hair loss. Unknown to some, Testosterone is also produced in women and assists both the sexes in reaching puberty.

Testosterone helps stabilize sexual libido in women and regulates and sustains bone mass. Apart from maintaining healthy testosterone levels and it also increases the sex drive due to its ability to keep the hormone active. Nettle is also used worldwide as a libido stimulant and is preferred for it does not encourage BPH.

The side effects of Nettle Root: There are no major side effects associated with Stinging nettle but Occasional side effects include mild stomach upset, fluid retention, sweating, diarrhoea, and hives or rash (mainly from topical use). This occurs when directly handling the nettle plan which can also lead to an allergic reaction. Supplements have a much lower percentage of side effects.

My Miracle blend!

From all my research, conferring with a medical specialist and from a basic understanding of vitamins, minerals and herbs, I have spent many hours deliberating on what exactly could the precision perfect blend of them all to concoct the most effective hair growth supplement. As I compared notes with all the latest trending and gimmicky supplement that are out there, I have concluded with much confidence after the receiving the positive Nod from medical professionals as well that this is quite possibly could be the next best thing in treating hair loss more naturally, effectively and safely. Here is my list of key ingredients.

A-grade Multivitamin: To start off any effective supplement, the basses of it has to be a well-balanced Multivitamin with the set of key Vitamins and Minerals that create a strong foundation and ally for the additional herbs and ingredients to get into action.

Saw Palmetto: It works in much the same way as finasteride, and when taken with 20mg of zinc its effects are much most positive and natural to treat hair loss while maintaining a healthy level of testosterone.

Nettle Root: known to stimulate new hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles.

Taurine: As well as making hair stronger, taurine has a host of other benefits to prevent hair loss and promote all-round better health. It has been shown to decrease the level of cortisol, known as the stress hormone, in the body, causing a reduction in anxiety levels.

Synthetic taurine supplements are widely available and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Summary Taurine is a sulphur compound that has several functions in your body. It’s only found naturally in animal-based foods but also available in synthetic supplement form, 250mg of this is recommended for this blend.

Zinc: To counter the effects of lowered testosterone levels from stinging nettle and as several studies and trials found that subjects had a higher sperm count after zinc sulphate and folic acid supplementation, researchers concluded that poor zinc intake may be a risk factor for the low quality of sperm and male infertility. 25mg of Zinc is recommended to tackle this side effect most efficiently.

Vitamin D3: Low Levels of Vitamin D are linked to alopecia, with research showing that it may even help create new follicles. Vitamin D plays a part in hair production, but more research is needed to understand its role in entirety. Well researched is its direct link to diffuse loss and it is recommended a daily supplement intake of 5000IU per day.

Biotin (Vitamin B7): Deficiency of Biotin, include thinning of the hair (often with loss of hair colour), and a red scaly rash around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Other symptoms include depression, listlessness, hallucinations, and tingling in the arms and legs. 100MCG is sufficient to be a part of this blend and work its magic in unison.

Although this Brilliant Blend would work wonders due to their own extremely successful rate of effectuality of this individual ingredients, this would still come with a disclaimer, wherein it would not be recommended to be taken by women only during their pregnancy, while there are breastfeeding and by women that are trying to conceive. They are no other restrictions to who may choose to take this unique supplement, men and women, in general, are at no risk with adding this supplement to their daily life.

While these such blends help nudge your healing process in the right direction, I would always asseverate on the seriousness of living a healthy and balanced life. One shouldn’t take advantage of the fact that they might be additional help in forms of supplements that can adhere to our imbalances, the most powerful and vital form of healing is know how to tackle stress and learn to never let the woes of samsara affect our peace of mind. I am reminded by the famous quote that I read a while back, that truly has inspired my way to deal with life’s little worries, which I’d like to share.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become” ~ Buddha

It’s true in ways so profound! We, humans, have the ability to self-manifest all our fears, desires and confusions into reality. We think it, we live in that thought and we make it our reality by subconsciously doing all that can help nurture that desire or fear into its inception. If we truly learn how to control our thoughts and make our minds stronger, wherein we wouldn’t ever be perturbed by the adversities we all face in life, not only would we be more assertive, affirmative and wise to know what simply works for us and doesn’t.

No longer would we be deceived by the deceptiveness of others or in this case false marketing that clouds our better judgement. No matter what ailment that troubles you, that has its way of disrupting your inner peace, assert yourself and know that there is always a solution to the problem and when you glance at your choice you make with a clear assertive mind, you would never go wrong!

Happy Healing Ya’ll!

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