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10 Healthy & Cheap Protein Sources

cheap protein sources

Protein is one of the crucial nutrients when it comes to muscle building, tissue maintenance, growth, and other functions of the human body. Here are some healthy yet cheap protein sources that won’t cost much. 

How much protein should you eat per day?

Proteins are the major building blocks of our body. They make almost everything- muscles, tissues, tendons, organs, skin, and hair. You have heard about collagen. It is known for delaying anti-aging signs, keeping hair and nails stronger, and improving bone and joint health. You should know that collagen is also a protein. 

Not adding enough protein to your diet will affect your health and overall body. Therefore, we have curated a lost of easy and cheap protein sources that won’t cost you much. Also the amount of protein your body needs varies on different factors such as age, muscle mass, daily routine, etc. The present International Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) says that both men and women should have 0.8 grams (g) per kilogram (kg) of body weight. RDA has been proposed by the Food and Nutrition Board since 1941. This means a 70 kg person would require about 56 g of protein. 

Grams here do not mean the weight of food but the weight of protein in the food. For instance, one large egg weighs about 50 grams but has about 6 grams of protein. 

However, protein needs change with different situations. Such as if you are pregnant, you may have to consume 1.1 g- 1.5 g per kg instead of 0.8 g.

Healthy and Cheap Protein Sources:  

Protein is said to be the most satiating nutrient, leaving you feeling full after a meal for a longer time. A study conducted in 2014 found that eating a high protein snack by women led to less midday hunger. 

Now that you know how much protein you require each day, the next step is to find out the options. People believe that there are so many choices in animal protein than in plant-based protein. Click through to find easy and cheap protein sources for both veg and non veg. 

1. Chickpeas

Chickpeas (chole) are a fantastic source of protein. 100 g of chickpeas can give you 20 g of protein along with a good amount of iron and magnesium. Other than that, chickpeas also support weight management, improves digestion, and regulates sugar levels. 

2. Soy Milk 

Soy milk is another cheap protein sources. It can be a good alternative to regular dairy milk. Those who are lactose intolerant can get all the nutrients from it. 244 ml of milk will provide 6 g of protein along with calcium and Vitamin D. 

3. Lentils 

Another great source of protein that deserves to be on your plate is lentils (daal). Lentils are a nutrition powerhouse. Lentils are often recognized by their colors such as green moong, brown lobia, etc. Their protein value varies. They are also filled with fibers that support gut health and bowel movement. 

4. Eggs 

Eggs are now synonyms with the protein itself. The first thing that gym instructors ask you to eat is eggs. They are a whole package of protein that even cuts calories for weight loss. 

5. Soya Chunks

Although soya chunks are tiny, they contain an impressive amount of protein. Soya is an affordable type of plant-based protein. 100 g of soya chunks has around 50 g of protein. 

6. Peanut Butter 

Peanut butter is delicious. It can be eaten with bread, added to a smoothie, mixed with oats or whipped into a tasty dip for fruits. Additionally, peanut butter makes an amazing cheap protein sources. 2 tablespoons may give you around 8 g of protein. However, it varies. 

7. Black beans 

Black beans are one of the most convenient sources of protein. They are also rich in fibers that keep gut health in check. 170 g of black beans have over 15 g of protein. Additional benefits include lower cholesterol levels and weight management. 

8. Buckwheat 

Buckwheat (kuttu) is a gluten-free cereal commonly used as flour. It has at least 13 g of protein in 100 g. Buckwheat also boosts heart health. 

9. Broccoli 

Though broccoli is not well-known for its protein quantity. It is a popular option for low-calorie food. But it has a decent amount of protein. Like 100 g of broccoli contains roughly 3 g of protein. 

10. Corns

Just like broccoli, corn is also a decent source of protein. It has around 3 g of protein in 100 g serving. 

These are some healthy and cheap protein sources that you can incorporate in your diet.

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