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6 Useful Shilpa Shetty Fitness Tips

Shilpa Shetty fitness tips

Our Bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty Kundra is an inspiration to all. Even at the age of 47, she is setting new fitness and beauty goals. Do you also follow her fitness videos on Instagram? If not, then we bring you 6 useful Shilpa Shetty fitness tips that you should try.

Our very popular actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra is defying the notion of aging day by day. We have not known any other lady who has been this fit and beautiful after all these years. She is super active on Instagram where she shares her daily routine pre and post workouts. If you have missed out on them, we are here to tell you.

Useful Shilpa Shetty fitness tips

1. Wake up and workout

Not everyone is a big fan of morning workouts. But as Shilpa Shetty puts her philosophy forward, she has rightly justified it. “There’s so much uncertainty in life at this point that we need to centre ourselves to function normally.” 

Exercise surges our metabolic rate- meaning our body burns more calories swiftly- for around five to eight hours after a workout. This metabolic boost is more beneficial in the morning than at any other time of the day.

2. Stretch out your muscles daily

Intensive exercises are amazing. It makes you feel energetic and burns a lot of calories. But you do require a proper rest for your muscle recovery. And that’s where stretching comes in.

One of the best Shilpa Shetty fitness tips is to stretch your muscles before and after workouts. Pre workout because it will make the muscles flexible, prepared, and will save you from injuries. Post workout because it helps to cool down your body.

3. Have guilt-free indulgences

Look at how lean Shilpa is but she does manage to eat a little unhealthy on some days. In her term, she suggests that your meal should have “guilt-free indulgences”. Even dieticians recommend you to have balanced meals.

Her #SundayBinge series on Instagram shows her guilt-free snacking options. You will see mango ice-creams, halwa, and other mouth-watering desserts that you can enjoy on weekends. We should all agree here that Shilpa Shetty fitness tips are the coolest.

4. Eat organic food

Eating pesticide and chemical-free food has various benefits and this will multiply if you can grow them in your home like Shilpa. Organic food always tastes better. And they will lower the amount of chemicals in your diet.

5. Don’t forget the berries

Berries are high in antioxidants that reduce the risk of many illnesses such as heart conditions. If you consume them daily, you will gain so many important nutrients like Vitamin C, magnesium, and more. 

We know how eating berries daily can be boring. One thing about these Shilpa Shetty fitness tips is that she adds her personal touch to every one of them. She usually whips up berries into smoothies and enjoys it.

6. Have a balanced breakfast

Kickstart your day with a healthy, balanced breakfast. It should contain proteins, healthy fats and fibre. According to her, it is important to break your fast to align your brain and body.

What are you thinking? Try these super useful Shilpa Shetty fitness tips and look as fit as her.

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