Are Odd 20s The Right Time To Start Taking Collagen?

Right time to start taking collagen

Trends come and go, and the best gear to carry it all well is skin that ages gracefully. Collagen Supplements have shown to be a great aid in that aim. So when is the right time to start taking collagen? Opposed to naysayers, collagen supplements introduce healthy chains of amino acids in the body, which break down into collagen and elastin for supporting skin vitality. But gradually, with age and unhealthy habits, we start losing collagen under the skin. Luckily, with external supplements, collagen synthesis is possible in the body.

We’ve talked about the ample benefits of collagen for both men and women. It is not just a potion made in a cauldron to look younger. It benefits your bone and joint health, your gut health, assists in faster recovers from workouts, is gut-friendly, and yes, it also prevents loss of collagen from the body. If you still need convincing, here is a push with an article describing how collagen is a multi-benefit supplement.

Collagen production takes a drop of 1% each year once you enter your 20s. This gradual loss of collagen doesn’t just mean that skin on the face needs extra care. It also means that your tendons lose their recovery quality, stabilizing after workouts take longer, and general bone density declines. Thus, if one starts ingesting collagen at the right time, they may prevent collagen loss from the body. 

So what is the right time to start taking collagen? 

Age 20-30 is when your body loses 1% of collagen each year.

These are the years your collagen loss is less than collagen synthesis, thus, early 20s- 30s will be the right time to start taking collagen. 

Along with that, there are many damaging activities that we do that impact the collagen networks in our bodies. Here is a light reading for you to know the 7 ways you are damaging the collagen in your skin.

Later, in the 30s and 40s, the skin’s collagen production drastically decreases, due to declined fibroblast activity. These fibroblasts allow the synthesis of collagen bundles in the dermis. When fibroblast presence declines, resultantly, the skin loses its vitality and strength, and this is further aggravated by lifestyle choices like smoking and frequent alcohol consumption. 

By late 50s, this synthesis process has taken a back seat, and you’d be at your vanity counter wishing you took a collagen supplement when you actually could preserve collagen bundles in your skin.

Thus, the earlier you start the better. So bank on the right age to start taking collagen, and thank yourself for stronger bones, healthier gut, and better skin, even when you’re older. 

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